Accessible Ubuntu Installation?

Georgina Joyce ready2golinux at
Sun May 31 18:29:35 EDT 2009


Sorry, a bit late catching up with my mail.

But just having caught up I noticed that no-one seemed to mention vinux.

But like many users.  Vinux is likely to move to debian.  Ubuntu seems
to be problematic.  Bugs slip through because of the rapid devel cycle.
Many orca users are frustrated by orca continually stopping.  Which I
believe has had a negative affect upon orca.  Since returning to debian,
I don't think orca has stopped at all.

On Sat, 2009-05-23 at 23:35 -0700, Gaijin wrote:
> 	Hello all,
> 	Just wondering if anyone is running Ubuntu and know how to
> install it?  I can't seem to find anything referring to accessibility,
> speakup, jupiter, or software synthesis parameters available with a
> Ubuntu installation.  GRML is not starting with the swspeak boot
> parameter on my puter on my desktop.  Maybe because I have a motherboard
> and SB Live sound card installed.  TIA,
> 			Michael
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