Accessible Ubuntu Installation?

Glenn Ervin GlennErvin at
Mon May 25 00:06:04 EDT 2009

I have the latest, and it does come up talking, until you get to the disk 
partitioning part of the installation.
Unless you have a sound card I guess.
Ubiquity is the work-around for this.
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With the latest Ubuntu 9.04 no need to mess with that unloading Orca and
reloading it as root and ubiquity stuff. All you do is boot up the cd, press
enter, f5, enter, enter, and it will load with accessability support, Orca
will come up talking and everything. Then just select the install icon from
the Gnome desktop and it will automatically come up talking, the way it's
supposed to.

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I don't know what the status is with ubuntu, but generally its GUI based
and so concentrates on orca.

I will try and attend to your GRML issues. Firstly if you have more than
one sound card check both cards for audio output, it can be
unpredictable which will be used as the default card when booting the
liveCD. Also remember that passing the swspeak command at the boot
prompt only prepares the system for software speech output, you should
hear a message saying that software speech is enabled and to run swspeak
when booting finishes and another telling you that booting has finished.
I find the one telling you that booting has finished tells you a few
seconds before the command prompt actually appears. Once booting has
finished then run the command:
and speakup should start talking via software speech.

If you hear neither of the boot messages, either your sound isn't
working (although I would expect the SB live to work without issue) or
your listening through the wrong sound card (hence my earlier comment to
try and listen to both).

Unfortunately the "which sound card" issue can't be solved entirely for
liveCDs (I believe it affects more than GRML) but once installed it can
be solved with the index option to the sound modules and may be
~/.asoundrc files. Also you may be able to do something if you use GRML
as a liveCD regular by looking into some of its persistance options for
storing settings perminantly.

Does any of this help with GRML?

Michael Whapples
On -10/01/37 20:59, Gaijin wrote:
>   Hello all,
>   Just wondering if anyone is running Ubuntu and know how to
> install it?  I can't seem to find anything referring to accessibility,
> speakup, jupiter, or software synthesis parameters available with a
> Ubuntu installation.  GRML is not starting with the swspeak boot
> parameter on my puter on my desktop.  Maybe because I have a motherboard
> and SB Live sound card installed.  TIA,
>           Michael

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