FW: [orca-list] Instalation question.

James Homuth james at the-jdh.com
Sun May 31 13:33:47 EDT 2009

Forwarding to this list, as the question could probably be answered by
primarily Speakup users as well.


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I'm looking at installing Linux on a 5-year-old laptop with both Orca and
Speakup running probably Espeak. I'm wondering how interchangeable the two
screenreaders are. Meaning, if from within a command line I start something
that requires Gnome, will Speakup shut up and Orca take over, still using
the Espeak synth, or is there something specific I have to do to make that
happen? The same question applies for multiple virtual consoles in which I
have gnome running in one, and a command line in another. Will switching
from one to the other be seemless, or again is there something in particular
I have to do to make it happen? Any info you can provide would be greatly
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