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This might be slightly off-topic for the list, and if so feel free to reply
to me privately. Will having a VPN give you the opportunity to bypass
methods of encription/throttling introduced at the ISP level? Part of me
wants to say no, but I'm not altogether certain of it.

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I'd also recommend looking at the howtos on

There are options to allow you to replace the default gateway on your
Windows box without loosing internet connectivity. alternately you could use
squid on your server and work through a proxy but i'd guess you want all the
connectivity you could get.
There is also a book on openvpn from but it costs money, as
does the service from

If you follow the howto's completely and patiently you'll have what you want
working in an hour or so.
I'd recommend a routed vpn, with static keys as they are easy to configure
and under Windows use openvpn-gui from makes it easier
to control the service under Windows.
Regards, Kerry.

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> Doing what you want isn't all that hard.  Just look at the server.conf
> that comes with openvpn as a sample and make the needed modifications
> for your system.
> On Mon, May 04, 2009 at 10:15:02AM -0600, Tyler Littlefield wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I was wondering if anyone has used open vpn quite yet.
>> If so, how dificult was it? I'm trying to get it going. I can see how to 
>> create tunnels, but basically what I want to do is redirect all traffic 
>> from my windows system out my server so that I can get around these 
>> stupid firewalls.
>> Is this hard to do? everything I've seen is "private network."
>> Thanks,
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