compiling linux kernel

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Tyler Littlefield, le Thu 21 Aug 2008 12:19:07 -0600, a écrit :
> I don't want to use my kernel that came with deb because it's huge, and I 
> think I might get some better performance if there wasn't so much there, 
> in terms of everything being modules, etc.

There is _no_ performance loss in everything being a module.  Really,
there is little point in using one's own kernel nowadays (except
applying patches).

And bragging rights.

Well, I suppose that would only work on the uninformed. If you tell someone 
in the know that you're using a custom kernel they might think you're a 

When I was fairly new to linux, I ran into somebody at a party and the 
conversation turned to how we spent our spare time. I said I was trying to 
get up to speed on linux. This other guy said he was into linux too so I 
asked which distro. He said, "I make my own." At the time I was very 
impressed. But now I say, "What a waste of time."

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