compiling linux kernel

Tyler Littlefield tyler at
Thu Aug 21 16:01:22 EDT 2008

it does. thanks.
I figured out the zed-sh, for some reason, it was tossing me to zsh... 
typing bash fixed it.

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> Here's a shot at answering some of your questions that didn't quite get
> answered earlier. In grml, some of the consoles bring up screen by
> default which has a status line, at least in the grml versions - hence
> the 0 ssh that it was trying to read. Just type exit or hit control d in
> the shell and it should exit the screen, then you can ssh as usual.
> Regarding menuconfig, you can hit caps lock + f5 to edit the some
> punctuation setting, hit star and space to enable the star to be spoken.
> Alternatively, caps + f9 through f12 control the reading punctuation and
> the screen punctuation - setting them to 3 should work (f9 and f11
> decrease, f10 and f12 increase).
> maybe this will help a bit.
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