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On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 12:37:59PM -0700, Gaijin wrote:
> 	Thought there was only a changelog file available, and only if
> you did a git pull of the source. <grins>

No, there is also the speakup user's guide available under
doc/spkguide.txt in the speakup directory, provided you do a git-clone
first. I do stand corrected though, I should have taken a look at
the user's guide on the site, though I still think it was reasonable
to assume that the user's guide from git, and the one on the site
would be the same. While spkguide.txt on, and spkguide.txt in the doc directory of the
speakup tree both have the same last modified date, the spkguide.txt
in the speakup tree is updated to reflect the changes made in speakup
from git. Michael already gave you what you need to know, so I'm not
going to paste the info from the updated spkguide.txt here.

> 	This, Gregory, is an example of helpful information, and not
> useless, wasted bandwidth that doesn't even provide a URL for this
> "Users Guide" you assume everyone knows about.

Tyler has been on this list long enough, that he should have seen being mentioned here more than once. Even if someone
doesn't know where to start looking for the user's guide, is a good place to start, and at least the
slightly out-dated copy would have been discovered as the 4th link on
that page. In the case of a newby, there is a chance that they would
have heard of, though if someone posting here for
the first time had asked what Tyler had asked, I would have given a
quick overview, like you had done, in addition to telling them where
to find the user's guide.

So, I think that in Tyler's case, as someone who has been here for a
while, the information you termed as being unhelpful, was a valid
starting point.


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