slackware 12.1 questions

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Thu Aug 21 00:33:27 EDT 2008

The issues with slackware 12.0 not prompting for replacement of disk1 and 
exploding when the /kernels/speakup.s directory cannot be found have been 
made far worse in slackware 12.1.  Earlier I wrote about a workaround for 
slackware 12.0 in which all packages that were checked starting with 
[f,k,t,x,y] needed to be unchecked and installed later no longer works in 
slackware 12.1.  You do get down to where the kernel copy is supposed to 
happen but slackware 12.1 now errors out at that point and does not copy 
any kernel automagically.  If an upgrade path is possible and anyone doing 
this will need to take the exclude off of kernel* because slackware has 
recompiled all kernels for slackware 12.1 including speakup.s and put all 
of the security fixes into them that were current at the date of this 
kernel's release.  The last time such a recompile was done was with 
Slackware 7.0 at least by the people over at  Understand 
this bad experience has happened multiple times over here and on every 
occassion I had a talking install since I did include the proper speakup 
parameters to make it happen for this synthesizer.  What happens after the 
kernel fails to install is that it's also impossible to install lilo since 
lilo needs as a prerequisite to have that kernel on that hard drive living 

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