debian installation iso broken

Nick Gawronski nick at
Tue Aug 19 22:45:58 EDT 2008

Hi, I was trying to install debian using the iso image at and when I do the installation I can get to the 
very end of it but it looks like something in the iso is either broken or 
out dated as the boot loader does install but it will not boot any kernel 
and yes I did set the speakup version in the base system when asked for a 
kernel choice.  I was also using fedora 9 but it looks like the driver for 
the dectalk express is still broken in that installer as I can't use the 
number pad for reviewing the screen as I can in the debian and other speakup 
systems.  I did try reburning the iso with the same result.  Does the latest 
version of gentoo still not include speakup or did they fix this issue? 

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