mlb, nfl and iceweasel

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Mon Aug 18 09:13:39 EDT 2008

What version of realplayer are you trying to use? Iirc, you can get 
source for some kind of linux realplayer 10 on be worth a look.
Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 10:59:30AM -0500, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> As for field pass, it is better. Also, they play some kind of irritating
> music during commercials.
> Yes, I can do field pass on the Mac and windows and sirius but I keep
> watching for it to work on linux. I finally dug out a realplayer for ppc
> and it appeared to install and shows up in the Applications menu. But
> when I tried game links it showed the title of the game and said
> "inaccessible" and when I tried a .m3u and a .ram file they didn't play
> though I didn't get	o errors--well, it said something about "grayed
> out" on the ram file. However, when I added some gstreamer plugins, totem
> picked up the m3u and ram file. But still no go with nfl.
> I do have to say that I am impressed with Orca's progress although I
> haven't been very impressed with the progress of gui screenreaders for
> linux up till now. I can finally really navigate iceweasel and get some
> results: listening to a church service and radio stations and even
> accessing my online banking.
> There is a project for a silverlight equivalent which might help with mlb,
> but you have to compile the media codecs (Moonlight) and I can' find some
> of what's listed in debian. I also find I'm a bit handicapped because I'm
> using ppc; for instance, there's no adobe flash player for linux ppc and
> live365 keeps sending me to the linux player installation page for the
> non-ppc version. But the only Intel machine I have that could be
> commandeered for linux is being used for something else right now.
> However, I do overall see improvement.
> Is there a lot of difference between iceweasel and firefox? I've made
> attempts to install firefox but failed so right now I'm just using
> iceweasel.
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