mlb, nfl and iceweasel

Tony Baechler tony at
Sun Aug 17 05:35:43 EDT 2008

Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> On nfl I just got through the login and it said it was dowloading the ram
> file but unfortunately I don't have realplayer on here. Is there an
> up-to-date realplayer for linux?


I would suggest joining the Orca list as this really isn't on topic for 
Speakup.  Speakup is designed for the console, not the GUI.  Yes, there 
is a "free" player called Helix which is the RealPlayer equivalent for 
Linux.  I don't know if it's really free or not and I'm pretty sure that 
Debian doesn't package it.  Look for helix or helixplayer.  I don't 
remember the site offhand but try or similar.  You might 
have to build from source.  Since you're on a Mac, why not just get 
RealPlayer for OS X which might also run Helix?  You could just download 
the ram file and play it from the Mac side.  I haven't used any GUI 
RealPlayer in Linux at all and the last TRPlayer I used I think only 
worked with RealPlayer 8 or 7.  Also, MPlayer might work as I think it 
can use the Real codecs.  Try installing the win32-codecs package from or from Ubuntu as Debian won't officially 
support them because they are non-free.  Also try or of 
course Google.  I don't know if debian-multimedia ships Real/Helix or 
not, I've not looked.

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