mlb, nfl and iceweasel

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sat Aug 16 19:21:59 EDT 2008

I'm just wondering whether anybody has gotten either mlb gameday audio or
nfl field pass to work with iceweasel and orca this year. The reason I'm
asking is that I'm finding I can navigate both sites much more successfully
now than ever before. On the mlb site, I got all the way to the media
player window but couldn't find the login and didn't know if there was any
program that would play if I did manage to log in. with nfl I've gotten
all the way to the combo boxes to choose the desired audio feed for a game
but couldn't figure out how to get into and select from the combo box;
again, didn't know if there would be a program that would work to play the
audio if I did get there. Of course, I now have several other
alternatives for listening to games but I keep hoping that eventually I
can do these things with linux. If anybody has succeeded with either nfl
or mlb or has gotten further than I have, I'd appreciate knowing what you




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