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- From the update-rc.d(8) man page:
"A  common  system  administration error is to delete the links with
the thought that this will "disable" the service,
       i.e., that this will prevent the service from being started.
       However, if all links have been deleted then  the  next
       time  the package is upgraded, the package's postinst script
       will run update-rc.d again and this will reinstall links
       at their factory default locations.  The correct way to disable
       services is to configure the service  as  stopped  in
       all  runlevels in which it is started by default.  In the
       System V init system this means renaming the service's sym-
       bolic links from S to K."

I can confirm that replacing some S links in /etc/rc2.d with K links,
and then having those packages upgraded leaves the links as they
are. Whether or not a deleted link would have been put back or not
upon upgrade, I don't know, I suppose that would depend on whether or
not a package uses update-rc.d to manage links after it gets
installed/upgraded. However, I do think that if such a paragraph in a
man page would have been wrong, it probably would have been noticed
and corrected fairly quickly.


On Thu, Aug 07, 2008 at 08:29:12PM -0500, John G. Heim wrote:
> Huh... Are you sure it replaces the link on upgrade? Because I have 
> removed that link on plenty of systems and I think I've run 'apt-get 
> dist-upgrade' about a bzillion times but I don't think it ever replaced 
> the link. But obviously, by the number of "I thinks" in this message, I'm 
> not sure.
> It seems to me that that would kind of be a bug. It would be akin to over 
> writing a config file you modified.

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