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Tue Aug 5 16:42:43 EDT 2008

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Hey, I've been using espeakup for over twelve hours now and by and
large, it's looking pretty good.  It is very snappy and responsive.  I
can't say I've had any problems interrupting speech either.

I have run into a couple issues however.  On my laptop which has a
very single-minded single chanel sound card, I haven't figured out a
way to be able to use Speakup and mplayer at the same time.  I have to
silence Speakup first and then start mplayer to listen to something.
I cannot use Speakup at all while mplayer is running.  I have mplayer
to use the ALSA dmix plug-in in the configuration but I don't know how
to get espeak and/or espeakup to use the same plug-in  I have espeak
compiled with Portaudio 19 which I thought was ALSA.

The other thing is a few minutes ago on my desktop machine with does
have a nice SB Live card shares sound with Mplayer and
Orca/Gnome-Speech just fine, I lost speech! I was in mutt reading some
mail and all of a sudden, no speech.  It just quit! I could switch to
my gnome session and that still talked fine and I got speech back by
killing espeakup and restarting it again.  When I lost speech in my
original text console, I got to a shell prompt and just tried running
espeakup with no results.  I later saw that it said the program was
already running.  But when I killed it from another terminal and
restarted it , I got speech back and it has been running since.
Wonder if anyone else has had any speech losses with this.
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