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Wow, it sounds like you fell into a hole and dug in some and now it is
falling in on top of you. <smile>  If you don't have too much invested
in this setup, that is, not too much personal data or work of art or
whatever, you may want to wipe and start over.  I had to do that a
while back with Slackware because I tried re-installing X after having
part of Dropline Gnome installed and nothing worked right after that
so I just blew it all away and started over with a brand new install
of Slackware 12.0 at that time and then installed the gnome stuff and
I've been OK since.  I like Debian's dependancy tracking and all, but
I wonder if it goes too far some times.

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 02:48:58PM -0400, Robert Spangler wrote:
> Hello,
> Wow, this is messy.  I attempted to aptitude remove at-spi and it offered 
> to fix some dependency issues by removing gnome-accessibility, gnome-orca, 
> and Dasher along with some other accessibility stuff.  I tried to find a 
> way to prevent it from doing this but could not so ended up letting it 
> remove it all.  Then when I tried to compile atk from source, it complained 
> that some stuff was missing like gettext and gtk-doc.  I couldn't find them 
> as Debian packages so I installed them from source.  (I think part of this 
> is that there isn't a section on the Orca web site describing how to set up 
> the build environment on Debian!) so I went back there and followed the 
> instructions for Ubuntu, thinking they would be close enough.  I did 
> apt-get build-dep gnome-orca and somewhere along the line some package 
> called gnome-mag failed and insists on failing.  So I attempted to 
> reinstall it but it still insists on failing.  Thinking that it may be a 
> bug with the repository (I am using unstable) I did a aptitude update and 
> dist-upgrade.  This brought up even another mess!  Remember how earlier I 
> switched to lilo? Apparently, there is a new kernel available and it thinks 
> I still have grub, so it tried to update my boot stuff by running a script 
> called grub-update!  LOL it's all a mess.  Ease of use?
> I love playing with other distros and have found Debian to be the easiest 
> as far as getting the desktop environment to work but still declare LFS to 
> be my favorite.
> Thanks all,
> Robby
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