Debian Mess

Robert Spangler spangler.robert at
Tue Aug 5 14:48:58 EDT 2008


Wow, this is messy.  I attempted to aptitude remove at-spi and it 
offered to fix some dependency issues by removing gnome-accessibility, 
gnome-orca, and Dasher along with some other accessibility stuff.  I 
tried to find a way to prevent it from doing this but could not so ended 
up letting it remove it all.  Then when I tried to compile atk from 
source, it complained that some stuff was missing like gettext and 
gtk-doc.  I couldn't find them as Debian packages so I installed them 
from source.  (I think part of this is that there isn't a section on the 
Orca web site describing how to set up the build environment on Debian!) 
so I went back there and followed the instructions for Ubuntu, thinking 
they would be close enough.  I did apt-get build-dep gnome-orca and 
somewhere along the line some package called gnome-mag failed and 
insists on failing.  So I attempted to reinstall it but it still insists 
on failing.  Thinking that it may be a bug with the repository (I am 
using unstable) I did a aptitude update and dist-upgrade.  This brought 
up even another mess!  Remember how earlier I switched to lilo? 
Apparently, there is a new kernel available and it thinks I still have 
grub, so it tried to update my boot stuff by running a script called 
grub-update!  LOL it's all a mess.  Ease of use?

I love playing with other distros and have found Debian to be the 
easiest as far as getting the desktop environment to work but still 
declare LFS to be my favorite.

Thanks all,

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