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On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 04:58:56PM -0400, Robert Spangler wrote:
> So then if I want to run Orca from source, I might as well aptitude  
> remove gnome-accessibility, since the Gnome install guide from source  
> has one checkout AT-SPI, and a few other packages along with Orca, or  
> just aptitude remove those packages?

Aptitude will remove whatever you tell it to remove, unless you remove
something which other packages depend on, in which case, those
packages will be removed as well. Aptitude will of course tell you
what it's going to remove before it does, assuming you let it go
ahead. As for what to remove, or not remove, I don't know how what the
orca sources provide corresponds to what is found in each of those
debian packages.

> Also, someone stated that doing apt-get install lilo would remove Grub.  
> It did not.

That was me. I would have thought that grub and lilo conflict, thus
installing one would cause the removal of the other. Sorry for the
unintentional misinformation.

> I installed Lilo, configured it, and ran grub - it was  
> still there.  So I did a aptitude purge grub.  If I remember properly,  
> the MBR is installed on /dev/hda.  Does this mean that the boot line in  
> /etc/lilo.conf should be /dev/hda and root = should be /dev/hda1?

Yes, if your root partition is /dev/hda1.

> Also, Debian recommends using kernel-package for building custom  
> kernels; what are your thoughts on this?  Sounds like it would make it  
> more convenient but I am a traditional kernel building guy.

I use kernel-package to build my kernels. This is still a traditional
process. The only difference is that instead of running make bzImage
modules modules_install, you use make-kpkg to generate the .deb file,
which you then install with dpkg. You can of course do whatever you'd
like. Just because something is recommended, doesn't mean you have to
do it that way. This isn't windows.


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