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Robert Spangler spangler.robert at
Mon Aug 4 16:58:56 EDT 2008

So then if I want to run Orca from source, I might as well aptitude 
remove gnome-accessibility, since the Gnome install guide from source 
has one checkout AT-SPI, and a few other packages along with Orca, or 
just aptitude remove those packages?

Also, someone stated that doing apt-get install lilo would remove Grub. 
  It did not.  I installed Lilo, configured it, and ran grub - it was 
still there.  So I did a aptitude purge grub.  If I remember properly, 
the MBR is installed on /dev/hda.  Does this mean that the boot line in 
/etc/lilo.conf should be /dev/hda and root = should be /dev/hda1?  Some 
of the wording in liloconfig was a little...misleading.  I'm used to the 
Slackware liloconfig.

Also, Debian recommends using kernel-package for building custom 
kernels; what are your thoughts on this?  Sounds like it would make it 
more convenient but I am a traditional kernel building guy.

Gregory Nowak wrote:
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> No, provided that the debian packages are uninstalled, or that the
> packages you built are in paths different from those used by the
> debian package.
> Greg
> On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 12:59:46PM -0400, Robert Spangler wrote:
>> But when I do an aptitude update then aptitude full-upgrade, won't it  
>> overwrite my custom installed packages?
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