ldconfig problem

Sergei V. Fleytin fleytin at yandex.ru
Mon Oct 22 14:37:51 EDT 2007

Hello, Michael.

>>>>> "G" == Gaijin  <gaijin at clearwire.net> writes:

G>      How did you upgrade? Did you...

G> apt-get dist-upgrade

First I did:

aptitude upgrade

and after that:

aptitude dist-upgrade. 

All of this on the installed Feisty via network.

G> I can only relate my own experience with dpkg in Debian on the
G> subject. I tried the dist-upgrade route in Debian from Potato to
G> Woody, and although it didn't break the system, it sure left a
G> mess. I ended up having to do a scratch install of Woody from CD to
G> clean up everything. 

It seems to me that I will have to do the same. Windows way! :-(


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