Kernel Upgrade Syndrome

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    I guess I can understand that.  Practically speaking, Speakup will only 
work with kernel's up to a certain version.  I don't quite know how 
experimental the stuff in the Git repository is.  I guess the best I can do 
is upgrade and keep a backup of my current kernel around in case it all goes 
to the dogs.
    Being a computer science major, I'm going to have to hack on the Linux 
kernel eventually as part of my coursework.  But I'm not there yet.
Thanks for your two cents,

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Well, probably. But, there are many things in our relationships to
technology--to the realm of stuff in general--that aren't necessarily
the healthiest. Ultimately, qquestions like this are spiritual questions
or, if you prefer, philosophical questions. I suspect you'll find that
interpersonal relationships are more rewarding than accumulations of
things, and you are asking the right questions if you've come to
question your balance around such concerns.

I do think there are good reasons to stay current with kernels and other
package upgrades, within reason of course. I would simply track with my
distribution and leave it at that, unless there's some development
related reason for doing upgrades sooner. This will help you track
security and feature updates. At least the former is certainly valuable.

Just my two cents American, since you asked.


Zachary Kline writes:
> Hi,
> Perhaps this has something to do with the fact I use Gentoo, but I find 
> myself with an urge to upgrade the kernel at every new release that comes 
> in, even the sub-releases,, etc.
> I know this  is probably silly, but I still feel an urge to do it anyway. 
> However, with Speakup as it is, I was wondering what the general opinion 
> is about when to upgrade?  Is it worth doing it on a set schedule?
> I suppose I have a feeling that Linux development will fly away and leave 
> me behind, as it were, and I'm somewhat unsure how to deal with this 
> concept.
> Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
> Yours,
> Zack.
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