OT: Printer/scanner suggestions? Help!

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Wed Oct 3 10:25:49 EDT 2007

Gaijin writes:
>      I was wondering if anyone could suggest a Linux
> compatible printer/scanner combo.  Preferably a Hewlett Packard.

There are HP printers that are Linux friendly. Unfortunately, there are
HP units where are decidedly unfriendly to Linux. I can't help you much
disentangling that, though I recall there is an HP page about its Linux

But, why do you insist on HP?

I spent considerable time investigating just this issue a little over a
year ago. I settled on the Brother 7820N MFD and have been very pleased.

NOTE: MFD = Multi Function Device, in this case printer, scanner,
copyer, fax. This is a laser device. I paid around $270 for it. You
could pay less, I believe, if you forgo thebuiltin networking. Goto the
following address and look under Multi Function Center:


The 7820N can run lpt, usb, or on your tcp lan, which is how I have it
installed. On my local network, it has its own ip address, so any of my
computers can print on it.

It's configuration is straight forward. I configured mine using lynx
without even the tiniest problem, but you could also use telnet or ftp
to configure this machine. Furthermore, it was a breeze to setup with
cups using the ipp:// protocol.

> I'd like to get into writing something that can scan and fill out forms
> for me, if it hasn't already been done to death in some other program.
> Yanno, something to scan in a form, allow a VI user to fill the thing
> out on-screen, and then print either the original form, or an identical
> copy that the government won't gripe about.  Anyway, any suggestions
> will be slavishly appreciated.  TIA,

Good luck with that. Doesn't sound trivial to me.


>          Michael

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