OT: Printer/scanner suggestions? Help!

Gaijin gaijin at clearwire.net
Tue Oct 2 23:00:14 EDT 2007

     Hello again,

     I was wondering if anyone could suggest a Linux
compatible printer/scanner combo.  Preferably a Hewlett Packard.  I've
been trying to gain access to the HCL, but it's been proving  to bea a
near-insurmountable task getting any meaningful information out of the
[CENSORED] web.  Basically, all I need is something to print grocery
lists for my in-home care provider (a lovely woman named Janice, whom
you can't have because she's *mine*), and something to read the mail.
I'd like to get into writing something that can scan and fill out forms
for me, if it hasn't already been done to death in some other program.
Yanno, something to scan in a form, allow a VI user to fill the thing
out on-screen, and then print either the original form, or an identical
copy that the government won't gripe about.  Anyway, any suggestions
will be slavishly appreciated.  TIA,


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