software speech with GRML.

Doug Smith bdsmith at
Mon Feb 26 20:21:24 EST 2007

Ok, it seems that many of these software speech problems we're seeing
here ar arising from hardware incompatibility problems.  From the
funny instances of the death of the speech subsystem in AMD dual core
processors, to laptops that won't come up talking, it appears that
hardware is changing faster than the speech programs we rely on.  

There are several possibilities for a solution to the non-talking
laptops we have read about on here tonight.  

First of all, the person who wrote that there was nothing to be heard,
even though swspeak was apparently running, you might want to run
soundtest so that you can see if your sound system is even running.  

Someone said that you use a usb synthesizer to boot GRML and it works.
If you aræ familiar enough with the GRML system, poke around with
something like asoundconf and try to mess around with the user's
library settings for ALSA.  It would have been great if OSS had
remained the standard for sound.  It worked so much better on some
laptop sound hardware.  
Now, to whoever wrote about the sighted assistance.  If there are any
failure messages, I need them.  I need to know what's going on when
your speech fails to come up.  

We'll keep working on it.  

I use grml (

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