ot: access expert?

Leonard Salinas texomakid at cableone.net
Mon Feb 26 15:30:08 EST 2007

hmmm, if there's a jaws 7.2, where is it, hahahahahaha!
he's full of it!

Legend has it that on Monday 2/26/2007 02:18 PM, Karen Lewellen said:
>Hi folks,
>I know there are a few on this list who work professionally regarding
>access issues from a web standpoint.
>I am seeking a pro whom I will direct to folks at jp morgan-chase.
>I just had I admit a shouting match regarding a supervisor's claim that
>since the site works with jaws 7.2 it is legally accessible.
>Of  course you have to be using this perhaps, I doubt it would work
>regardless, to reach it.  he would not provide this information in writing
>simply claim you can find it on their site.
>If you can get there.
>lots of java links, not even javascript .
>Never mind my pointing out that access is not tied to the screen reader
>but the site itself.
>let alone the holes in jaws itself.
>Any takers?
>   on a side note, I would welcome finding an expert for a possible radio
>piece too.
>Thanks and off-list replies welcome,
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