re; podracer

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sun Feb 25 13:11:24 EST 2007


It's possible those could be feedburner podcasts that are breaking but I 
cannot prove it definitively.  The podracer doesn't return what url it has 
a problem with when these errors happen. Now this hunt for error message 
gets weirder by the second.  I broke down and did: hexdump /bin/grep | 
grep -i "internal" | less and came up with zero hits!  It could be both 
grep and sed are cleared but I can't be sure of it. The scientific 
american feed in the sample subscriptions file that podracer can install 
if you have no feeds of your own to offer it has been broken for a very 
long time.  I don't know if the feed has been moved and itunes just left 
the skeleton behind or if another problem is doing it.

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