Albert E. Sten-Clanton albert.e.sten_clanton at
Sun Feb 25 10:03:39 EST 2007

"Yum," does not mean that updates taste good, or that I'm even getting any.

I reinstalled FC6 last night from the DVD image, after using grml for a while.  I used the rpm command regarding the speakupmodified release, and also installed emacs, emacspeak, and ncftp.  I followed a suggestion in an FC6 book I just got online, and did

yum update yum

without trouble.  (It said there was no update.)

This morning, as suggested to me in an earlier message on this list, I did

yum install orca lsr

Apparently when the packages were about to be downloaded, I got this message:

warning:  rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 4bfffd75
GPG key parsing failed:  can't set attribute

(The lines are different on my Linux screen, but that's the message.)

I got the same thing trying to update Orca alone, install Orca alone, or install lsr alone.  (There's an earlier version of Orca there already, so install appears to work as an update anyway.)

This is the same key problem I asked about last month, right down to the 4bfffd75.  My earlier Google searches on the message and some variations gave me no help.  Last night, yum seemed to have no trouble importing keys it wanted if I said yes.  Any suggestions?  



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