Mounting USB memory stick problem

Doug Sutherland doug at
Sun Feb 25 11:43:40 EST 2007

Sorry, yes I didn't have that right. At boot time, the system
attempts a mount before the usb hotplug has executed, and
the mount fails. For a quick way of getting the usb disk to
mount on boot I tried simply adding mount /mnt/flash at the
end of the script that starts hotplug, and that works. On my
system that is rc.hotplug, but it would be different on other
distros that use system v init scripts.

You are correct, in order to have the usb disk mount when
plugged in, hotplug will have to be configured to do so. I
have not had a need to look into this kind of config so far,
but there are examples in /usr/doc

Steve Holmes wrote:
I'm thinking one would have to modify the USB hotplug stuff

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