Mounting USB memory stick problem

Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Feb 25 11:13:04 EST 2007

Question to clarify:

if the mount option is set to auto, the system would attempt to mount at
boot time whether or not the device is plugged in; right?  The other
question is is there a way to have the mount take place automatically
when you plug the device in later?  I'm thinking one would have to
modify the USB hotplug stuff to invoke the mount command.

On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 06:46:38PM -0500, Doug Sutherland wrote:
> The /etc/fstab defines the mounts, whether they auto mount
> or not (auto, noauto), and who can access who can access
> (owner, users). Here is an example:
> /dev/sda  /mnt/flash  vfat  noauto,users,rw  0  0
> Note the keyword users. The other alternative is owner,
> which would be root. Also note the keyword noauto, that
> means don't automatically mount, you could use auto.
> Chris Norman wrote:
> nemory stick in the bus and it would just mount,
> now I have to mount it as root
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