interesting occurrence with amd dual core, what do you thing?

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Fri Feb 23 23:46:33 EST 2007

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The problem we are having seems to be some sort of threading problem in
either speech-dispatcher, speechd-up or both.  It only seems to affect
dual-core systems and seems to die randomly, but only when being used.
In other words, if something appears on the screen and is to be spoken
or if a character is typed and is to be spoken it could trigger the
death of speech-dispatcher and/or speechd-up.  However it can run for
days if not used.  The problem doesn't seem to affect speech-dispatcher
if speechd-up is not used.  I have been able to run Orca using the
gnome-speech interface to speech-dispatcher without speech-dispatcher
dying.  So the problem seems to be caused by the interaction between
speech-dispatcher and speechd-up when text is to be spoken via

As for the sound card issue, it doesn't seem to matter what sound card
is used.  I have used both my integrated nvidia sound device which uses
the snd_intel8x0 driver and my sb live value with equal successes and
failures.  I can't speak for your problem with swspeak since I run
Ubuntu which doesn't use that particular interface to speakup.

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