interesting occurrence with amd dual core, what do you thing?

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Which speech are you running on GRML to have software speech?
I have GRML on on CD, it is about a year or so old, but I have been running 
it with my Dectalk, but now I need software speech for my laptop without a 
serial port.
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Subject: interesting occurrence with amd dual core, what do you thing?

Hi: I am Doug Smith.  I have just started receiving from the mailing
list, and I have been reading about all your apparent troubles with
amd dual core systems, the exact one that I want.  Here's the problem
I have.

My wife said that she would buy me a new AMD 64 X 2 dual core and that
I could get it in any configuration I wanted.  I want to get one, but
I am not sure what's going on here, so I will ask a few questions.

First of all, are you in a text-based console when speechd-up and
speech-dispatcher decide to exit stage left, or is it happening in a
graphical environment?

Next, are you using the integrated, on-board sound equipment on the
amd system, or did you just put a standard sound card in it? The
reason I wonder about this is that, each time I go into a store and
put my GRML disk into an amd dual core machine, to try to show my
wife how this speech works, I get the funniest failure message, and I
believe that it has something to do with the kind of sound hardware on
the motherboard of the machine.  It might be solvable with something
like sndconfig, but I don't want to keep holding up a machine that
others might be interested in looking at and buying.  The message is

failed writing 128 samples

It comes from the swspeak program that drives speakup in this
operating system.  I will write them tonight, as well, and see if they
are aware of it.  If you know anything about this, pleast tell me


Doug Smith

I use grml (

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