Dectalk, Lost some Interrupts?

Hart Larry chime at
Fri Feb 23 17:15:48 EST 2007

Well, I am noticing something consistantly new while useing a dec-talk U S B 
with speakup.  Let's say on tty6 I am running bittorrent-console, which is 
actively scrolling info.  Meanwhile on tty3 I run    ls *.torrent | less.  When 
I switch over from tty6 to tty3 I see a blank line, just above, it says,
"rtc lost some interrupts 1024HZ"
Does this message mean much?  Is it at all consistant with the flakey behavior 
of pitch-and-rate, where I think reading capital letters, the pitch gets 
knocked down to 81 and rate down to at least 4.  At that point if I move both 
settings, it will endup back where I want them.
Thanks in advance, o, I have 24 consoles now.

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