[ot] how do I change the search directory path for gcc

Sean McMahon smcmahon at usgs.gov
Fri Feb 23 16:51:42 EST 2007

On one of our non-linux, unix-based systems, gcc is using the wrong bersion of 
ld, the linker.  I need to make it use the correct version of ld and when I 
printed the search path,the incorrect version of ld which was in /usr/ccs/bin 
came up before the correct version which is in /usr/opt/bin.How do I change this 
search path to look in /usr/opt/bin before /usr/ccs/bin or, alternatibely, how 
do I make gcc use my own path, which is set correctly to look in /usr/opt/bin 
before /usr/ccs/bin?  I have attempted to rtfm, that is the man page, with no 
luck so far.  If you know that this information is in the man page or some other 
documentation which I should have, please point me in the right direction.  Your 
help is greatly appreciated.

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