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Some people seem to be misinterpreting my original comments. The point
I was getting at, was that people were switching from windblows to
gnu/linux because they got tired of microsoft, and all that goes along
with that, and not because gnu/linux is easier to use then
windblows. From a couple of messages I've seen on this list, some
people seem to have taken easier, and substituted it with
"better". Just because windows is easier to use, doesn't mean that
it's better in my opinion. However, that is also just my opinion. As
has been pointed out, the ability to effectively use gnu/linux
separates the men from the boys. As we've also seen on this list in
the past, more then once, some people after struggling with gnu/linux
for a long while decide that windows is better for them, and that they
would rather pay out to all the greedy corporations, and use
windows exclusively. So, the question of which is better is a personal opinion,
and I will not argue that point. Now, if the word superior had been
introduced into this discussion, I would definitely argue that in
favor of gnu/linux.  

As I've said though, I believe personally that gnu/linux is the better
os, and if I have an option of doing something in either windows or
gnu/linux with equal accessibility, I'll choose to do it in gnu/linux
hands down.


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