O.T. ESpeak Windows version doesn't work

Michael Whapples mikster4 at msn.com
Mon Feb 19 11:10:19 EST 2007

That currancy thing, it is common for TTS to say sign first. Even if that 
rule was to be changed, I don't think it would ever be fully corrected, as 
sometimes I have found websites where the currancy sign is separated from 
the number by a space, etc.

The year, again could this really be corrected properly? Would something get 
nineteen ninety nine visits? Many people say that this year is two thousand 
and seven, so the rule to refer to numbers as numbers to me makes more 
sense, than making four digits a year. The only possible exception is when 
giving a date eg. 12/02/1997 is possibly very unlikely to be anything else.

You don't want software which tries to be too clever and tell you what you 
have, but it gets it wrong. As an example, the UK RealSpeak seems to think I 
have manuscript word in windows.

Generally the user is the one who understands the text, so I would say leave 
it that way.

Michael Whapples
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Hi Jonathan,

Currency signs $, £, etc says dollar 1 instead of one dollar.

Years spoken one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine instead of nineteen
ninety nine.  Years above 2000 are unaffected.

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