O.T. ESpeak Windows version doesn't work

Jonathan Duddington jsd at clara.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 10:22:52 EST 2007

In article <000001c75437$667449a0$de66d3cb at yourtpj8jvyu9p>,
   David Harvey <david at d-w-harvey.com> wrote:

> 1.  Years and currency signs aren't spoken correctly.
> Currency signs $, £, etc says dollar 1 instead of one dollar.

That depends what you think is "correct".
"Dollar 1" is what's written in the text, so that's what it speaks.

I don't think it's worth changing this.  It's not ambiguous, and I even
think it's clearer to understand, because you hear the "dollar" first,
so you are then expecting to hear the dollar amount.  If it speaks "One
dollar", then you don't know that it's money until after you hear the
whole amount. 

> Years spoken one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine instead of
> nineteen ninety nine.  Years above 2000 are unaffected.

How does it know it's a year, rather than a number?

Actually eSpeak says "nineteen hundred 'n ninety nine" for 1999.

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