O.T. ESpeak Windows version doesn't work

David Harvey david at d-w-harvey.com
Mon Feb 19 08:29:33 EST 2007


Thanks for the Help I now have the voices working.

However there's a few problems:

1.  Years and currency signs aren't spoken correctly.
2.  After exiting JFW and restarting it, the voices pitch sounds high.

Can we preferably take this discuss off list so we can keep to the main

David Harvey

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> The error is:

> Espeakedit Error
> Failed to load phoneme data,
> needs espeak-data/phontab,phondata,phonindex

That's from the  espeakedit  program.

You must first install  espeak.  That's the  espeak-1.20-win.zip 
download.  This installs the eSpeak SAPI5 speech engine, and puts the
data files in  C:\Program Files\eSpeak\espeak-data.

eSpeak voices should now appear in the SAPI5 voices list in programs
such as screen readers (NVDA, JAWS, Window-Eyes) and other programs
such as the simple TTSApp which is installed in C:\Program Files\eSpeak
 as part of the espeak installation.  

You only need the  espeakedit  program (that's the 
espeakedit-1.20-win.zip  download) if you want to edit the data (eg.
the pronunciation rules).  It expects data files to already be in
C:\Program Files\eSpeak.

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