O.T. ESpeak Windows version doesn't work

Jonathan Duddington jsd at clara.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 07:13:02 EST 2007

In article <000001c7541c$ef68aaa0$9160d3cb at yourtpj8jvyu9p>,
   David Harvey <david at d-w-harvey.com> wrote:

> The error is:

> Espeakedit Error
> Failed to load phoneme data,
> needs espeak-data/phontab,phondata,phonindex

That's from the  espeakedit  program.

You must first install  espeak.  That's the  espeak-1.20-win.zip 
download.  This installs the eSpeak SAPI5 speech engine, and puts the
data files in  C:\Program Files\eSpeak\espeak-data.

eSpeak voices should now appear in the SAPI5 voices list in programs
such as screen readers (NVDA, JAWS, Window-Eyes) and other programs
such as the simple TTSApp which is installed in C:\Program Files\eSpeak
 as part of the espeak installation.  

You only need the  espeakedit  program (that's the 
espeakedit-1.20-win.zip  download) if you want to edit the data (eg.
the pronunciation rules).  It expects data files to already be in
C:\Program Files\eSpeak.

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