Regarding Speech-Dispatcher, Speechd-up, and ESpeak with Speakup.

Keith Hinton keithint38 at
Sat Feb 17 16:24:14 EST 2007

Hi List,
I'm more convinced then ever now that speechd-up is what is crashing. I have to keep typing "Speechd-up" to restore communication.
The question is: Why?
What exactly was that backtrace about?
Could a chron job be setup to monitor if speechd-up is running, and if it crashes or whatever, instantly reboot it the instant it crashes?
I need a temporary workaround, short of turning off keyboared echo in Speakup with ESpeak. This, as I have said is on AMD64 machines, spisifically. Speechd-up
does not crash  on my Pentium box, no matter what I do, doesn't matter how fast I type with keyboared echo on, somehow it's able to keep running. On my
AMD Athlon server, however
it will crash after a period of time, wich I cannot define. It just will suddenly crash. As long as ESpeak is being used (Sinse it is so responsive compared
to a laggy Flite)
On my AMD that has one gig of RAM, it is severely responsive.
So quick, that I believe Speechd-up gets overwelmed with the generic module reloading, etc. So, Speechd-up chooses to crash. What do you all think about my question, suggestions?

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