Talking caller ID with Asterisk

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Feb 15 18:19:23 EST 2007

Yes, this is possible. It is also possible to turn the caller ID into a
custom ring tone--if your phone supports that, as my Snom320 does.

We're going to set up an Asterisk Tips and Tricks page at the
SpeakupModified shortly. We can share a couple versions of talking
caller ID scripts, and some guidance on how to set up what you're asking
about. Unfortunately, it's knowledge that's doesn't all live with one
person--so a little page is probably the thing to do.

Christian writes:
> Hi all,
> I know that some of you are using asterisk. I have a question. This must be possible through some macro, but i dont know how to make it. Lets say I get an incoming call and when i pick up the phone the caller ID is automatically spoken. I know that Asterisk can read the caller ID but i dont want the other person to hear it. If the call is important I can press 1 to accept it, other wise it will go to voicemail. Any ideas?
> many thanks,
> Christian
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