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Steve Holmes steve at
Tue Feb 13 12:57:43 EST 2007

I've never had any problems with Speech-dispatcher, Speechd-up or espeak
on my faster desktop machine but on my slower 200 MMX laptop with a
wapping 32 meg of memory, I have lost speech a few times recently and
when I rerun my script that starts up these moeules and all, I get it
right back.  Actually, I haven' had that problem for a while now since I
upgraded to 0.6 of speech-dispatcher and latest version os speechd-up.
I'm using version 18 of espeak at the moment.

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 10:54:45AM -0500, Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
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> The problem does in fact seem to be with speechd-up.  I have sent a
> backtrace to Hynek Hanke that details some sort of invalid pointer
> causing the death of speechd-up.  This is happening even with the latest
> version from CVS and even on my 32-bit Ubuntu Edgy which is still what I
> have for now running on my new AMD64 box.
> Further tests:  if you type
> speak hello
> or 
> espeak hello
> depending on your setup, do you get speech after speakup has failed?
> also try
> killall speechd-up
> speechd-up
> and see if your speech comes back.  I find that my speech comes back
> just by typing
> speechd-up
> and not killing it first, but YMMV.
> I am also open to the possibility that you and I are experiencing quite
> different problems since I am still running my 32-bit OS and haven't
> switched to the 64-bit version yet, so definitely test eSpeak itself and
> see if you can still get it to speak.  If it speaks, then the problem
> has to be elsewhere.  eSpeak shouldn't stop speaking and not start
> speaking again since speech-dispatcher runs an entirely new eSpeak
> process each time it speaks.  But try the above invocation of eSpeak and
> report what happens, including any error messages you happen to get.  If
> eSpeak doesn't speak, you may also want to try playing music or
> something to see if your sound card is being hijacked.
> HTH,
> Lorenzo
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