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Tue Feb 13 10:54:45 EST 2007

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The problem does in fact seem to be with speechd-up.  I have sent a
backtrace to Hynek Hanke that details some sort of invalid pointer
causing the death of speechd-up.  This is happening even with the latest
version from CVS and even on my 32-bit Ubuntu Edgy which is still what I
have for now running on my new AMD64 box.

Further tests:  if you type

speak hello


espeak hello

depending on your setup, do you get speech after speakup has failed?
also try

killall speechd-up

and see if your speech comes back.  I find that my speech comes back
just by typing


and not killing it first, but YMMV.

I am also open to the possibility that you and I are experiencing quite
different problems since I am still running my 32-bit OS and haven't
switched to the 64-bit version yet, so definitely test eSpeak itself and
see if you can still get it to speak.  If it speaks, then the problem
has to be elsewhere.  eSpeak shouldn't stop speaking and not start
speaking again since speech-dispatcher runs an entirely new eSpeak
process each time it speaks.  But try the above invocation of eSpeak and
report what happens, including any error messages you happen to get.  If
eSpeak doesn't speak, you may also want to try playing music or
something to see if your sound card is being hijacked.

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