Audio PDA with Speech Synth Pkans

Doug Sutherland doug at
Wed Feb 7 05:22:26 EST 2007

The hardware is doubletalk rc8660
There is info on the rcsys site

It could be done in software, but I have worked
with this hardware and am pleased with the sound.
Also, I want to keep the processor free of using
many cycles for speech synth, this is not a PC and
it will operate at 180Mhz top speed. It will add to
the cost but I think it is worth the trade-off.

Software is linux cross development toolchain,
the entire  toolchain  is already done and avail
on processor manufacturers web site, along
with buildroot for flash file system, u-boot
bootloader etc. C, C++, assembly, all of the
traditional tools will be avail.

Processor for first version is AT91RM9200.
Later version will move towards EP9315 to
take advantage of PCMCIA (will map that to
CF format for wifi modem) and IDE (will be
set up to support toshiba 1.8" hard drives,
same as in iPod.

  -- Doug

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