Audio PDA with Speech Synth Pkans

Jonathan Duddington jsd at
Wed Feb 7 05:03:44 EST 2007

In article <45C99217.8070209 at>,
   Doug Sutherland <doug at> wrote:

> I am working towards producing a small pocket
> sized linux system based on ARM920T processor
> with onboard hardware speech synth.

This sounds interesting.
What is the onboard hardware speech synth?
Can you give a link to information about it?

I wonder whether a small software synth such
as eSpeak might be better, or at least useful
as an alternative.

Does the hardware synth add to the cost of the

Does it perform both the spelling-to-phoneme
translation as well as the phoneme-to-sound
production, or is the former done in software
on the main processor?

Can it speak different languages? 

How do you compile software for the PDA?  Do
you use a cross-compiler on another system?
Are you restricted to C, or is C++ available?

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