Kernel/Speakup Compilation Problems

Gregory Nowak greg at
Tue Feb 6 20:44:57 EST 2007

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The problem is that hasn't been updated. Daniel
Drake checked in the fixes for 2.6.20 sometime early yesterday
morning,and if retrieved directly from itself,
speakup compiles into, and works fine with 2.6.20. 

I did notice however that the date in the version string wasn't changed to
reflect yesterday's changes to speakup.c.


On Tue, Feb 06, 2007 at 03:35:57PM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
> Is anyone else out there using Speakup with 2.6.20 kernel successfully?
> I've been looking at the code for speakup and see a discrepancy with
> ld_help vs load_help.  I wonder which it should be.  From what I see
> here, speakup.c is dated 12/28/2006.  Is that the most current? Is the
> FL mirror behind again?I wish now I had kept the patched kernel for
>; at least that compiled cleanly.  I just moved on since I had
> some other problems with that one (Not related to speakup) and 2.6.20 is
> out so onward with this one.  
> I also noticed that declare_work wasn't used now; can I safely remove it
> entirely? I think that will fix the ld_help problem too.

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