Adding List Identifier To Subject Lines of List Posts

Steve Holmes steve at
Thu Feb 1 23:43:44 EST 2007

I do this very thing but since I run a local linux mail server (Exim), I
use its filtering capabilities to sort my mail into folders as you
desire.  I use different header fields from messages of different lists.
Mailman, the lister for Speakup provides some excelent reliable header
fields.  Just open up the full headers and read throu down to the
message body and you'll see what I mean.  I think it is something like
List-Reply-to: or List-Name:; There are several actually.

I also do not like the list name to be embedded in the subject line as
it wastes valuable realestate so to speak.  The list of messages for any
given folder has limitted space for the subject and the list name would
just eat up some of that valuable space, causing more of the subject
line to be truncated.

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 09:45:41PM -0500, Adam MacLeod wrote:
> The whole reason why I brought this idea up was not to filter based on traffic, but to filter based on a constant characteristic of the mail headers, so that I could have the mail client automatically deliver the messages from the list to a designated folder so that I may sort my mail.
> Thanks to a few helpful hints from some generous respondants, I am on my way to setting up a filter that can do just that without annoying anyone as some put it.
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