Speech Dispatcher and Cepstral

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For speechd-up you can change the voice by changing the speakup voice, 
FEMALE1 I think is voice 3.

Michael Whapples
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> Thanks for the additional suggestions.  Actually, I did the "Major hack"
> as a tempererary measure while I figure things out.  Yes, the progocol
> logging test reveals that speechd-up is setting the voice explicitly to
> to "MALE1" so there's my answer:).  I think speechd-up is small enough
> that I can get in there and possibly add another command line option
> that would allow users to specify on the fly and if left blank, use
> whatever speech-dispatcher is defaulting to.  This should be easy enough
> a fix.  I'll have to figure out how to change the default in speechd-el
> and perhaps modify that one too to not hard code any default.  Like you
> say, let speech-dispatcher do the defaulting.
> Thanks again for the tips and direction.
> On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 07:56:23AM +0100, Tomas Cerha wrote:
>> Steve Holmes wrote:
>> > Oh, you mean these programs may be using SSML to specify the default
>> > voice?
>> Not really SSML, just regular Speech Dispatcher commands, but that
>> should not matter, of course...
>> To solve your problem right now, you have two options:
>>   * configure both speechd-up and speechd-el to use FEMALE1 as the
>>     default voice
>>   * configure the cepstral module to use Callie as MALE1
>> The later is a nasty hack, of course!
>> The ideal solution would be to request an enhancement in both pieces of
>> software to respect Speech Dispatchers default voice setting.
>> Best regards, Tomas.
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