Speakup's future

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  Thank you so much for this interesting and enlightening story. I am sure
that all members of the list enjoyed reading it and that we are all waiting
in anticipation for the next thrilling chapter. 

With bated breath,
Robin Williams.  

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Ok, you are all interested in how those "rascals" can extract so much
money from the Blind and from the agencies.  It's easy.  Just say your
system is the standard, and they will come flocking over like birds.  

My girlfriend is doing this.  I told her not to do it, but I guess I
will have to let her learn.  I hope this does not happen, but, we are
in an assisted living facility, and, when one of these computer
geniuses that live in here breaks the thing, I don't know how to fix a
window$ system, nor do I have the discs of software to fix it.  I told
her to keep that thing locked up when she gets it, and I hope she

If she does not, they will have to come out here to fix her machine
each time either she or one of these other people busts it.  

We are both blind, and she sits in here, listening to me install and
upgrade operating systems with the "greatest of ease," and she wants
to learn how to do it.  I told her that I would teach her Linux and she
could learn from someone who at least, can hold his own, how to do the
things I can do.  

Well, let her bust that confounded thing, or let there be some kind of
stupid upgrade you have to pay for, and she will probably come flying
in here and begging me to convert her machine, which I will gladly do,
but she will have to throw all she has learned into the fire.  

Of course, all this could have been avoided, but, now, I don't know
what to do about it without making her upset, and she has wanted to
learn computers for a year or longer.  Maybe nothing will happen, but,
you know, it eventually will.  I have already told that girl she needs
to go with Linux, but, there will, probably be another chapter to this

I just put GRML 1.1-rc1 on here tonight and it's looking pretty darned
good.  They finally put the new speakup on here and it eliminated
almost all that stupid spelling.  It's near perfect, and I'm really
loving it.  

Well, stay tuned for more.  I hope that there is not a tragic chapter
to this, but you know, with window$, there will, most likely, be.  

Well, I will get off here, so that you can read the first installment
of a story that I hope does not reach its logical conclusion after she
has some important files on there.  


I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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