Debian Etch NetInst bug during kernel installation?

Gaijin gaijin at
Mon Dec 31 04:53:04 EST 2007

On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 09:38:00AM +0900, Kerry Hoath wrote:
> I am aware of the bug of which you speak; there are a couple of work arounds 
> you can use to minimize the affect of the strange behaviour.
> Your problem with tasksel could possibly be related to the fact that you may 
> not have had a working set of Debian mirrors in sources.list or for some 
> reason your machine could not update the list of available packages.
> Running tasksel without having sensible output from apt-get update or 
> similar won't be able to install a lot of the necessary packages.

	Found it, and I remember what I was doing the first time I did
the installation.  I was running 'speakup-expert' the first time, but
wanted to speed things up the second and other times around.  Reading
the CD again reminded me that I'd been running 'speakup-expert' and not
the 'speakup' installation mode.  Running in 'speakup-expert' did the
trick and  everything went smooth as silk.  I dunno about the
sources.list,, as it's all on the CD, and I have an excellent net
connection.  Anyway, everything's running fine now.  Now all I need to
do is get the audio up and running and install orca.  Well, after I get
sendmail and fetchmail working.  Thanks everyone.  I really love you


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