Getting Debian Etch installed?

Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun Dec 23 17:01:02 EST 2007

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I stand to be corrected, but as far as I know, there are no
speakup-enabled boot floppies for etch. The only speakup-enabled etch
install cd I'm aware of is the one from


On Sun, Dec 23, 2007 at 12:23:35PM -0800, Gaijin wrote:
> 	Hello all,
> 	Just finished downloading a pile of CD images for Debian Etch,
> GRML, LFS, etc and tried installing Debian via GRML.  Then tried the
> floppy images, but it appears they're the wrong ones.  Does anyone
> recall where to get the Debian Etch/SpeakUp boot floppies?  I just can't
> deal with Slackwareand lynx and no sound anymore.  That, and the Dept.
> of Rehab is still giving me the run-around for anything but a cane.  It
> appears like I'm going to have to give up my home to move to another
> city and take a year of classes on how to use a computer before they'll
> give me a copy of JAWS, and a three month class in another county to
> learn housework before I can qualify for something to help me read soup
> cans.  TIA,
> 			Michael
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