Getting Debian Etch installed?

Gaijin gaijin at
Sun Dec 23 15:23:35 EST 2007

	Hello all,

	Just finished downloading a pile of CD images for Debian Etch,
GRML, LFS, etc and tried installing Debian via GRML.  Then tried the
floppy images, but it appears they're the wrong ones.  Does anyone
recall where to get the Debian Etch/SpeakUp boot floppies?  I just can't
deal with Slackwareand lynx and no sound anymore.  That, and the Dept.
of Rehab is still giving me the run-around for anything but a cane.  It
appears like I'm going to have to give up my home to move to another
city and take a year of classes on how to use a computer before they'll
give me a copy of JAWS, and a three month class in another county to
learn housework before I can qualify for something to help me read soup
cans.  TIA,


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